A River Runs Through It – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music by Mark Isham (Click for track listing)


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1. A River Runs Through It, 2. Casting Presbyterian Style, 3. A Land Filled With Wonder, 4. Down the Valley (With You), 5. A Summer of Lumber and Fishing, 6. Shooting the Chutes, 7. Three Fisherman, 8. A Trip to the Unknown, 9. A Four-Count Rhythm, 10. The Sheik of Araby, 11. Bye Bye Blackbird – (with Prudence Johnson), 12. Je Ne Sais Quois, 13. Swing Me Low Swing Me High, 14. A Place Remembered, 15. A Remark Was Passed, 16. Rugged Cross, 17. Muskrat Ramble, 18. Rawhide, 19. The Wild Ride, 20. Early Departure, 21. The Splendor in the Grass, 22. Jesse and Norman, 23. Lolo’s, 24. The High Road, 25. Quite a Day Yes, 26. A Fine Fisherman and the Big Blackfoot River, 27. The Moment That Could Not Last, 28. Too Deep For Tears, 29. Without Complete Understanding, 30. In the Half-Light of the Canyon, 31. Haunted By Waters / A River Runs Through It (Reprise)

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