African Rhythms And Instruments Vol. 1


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A. Niger
1 Orchestra Of The Sultan Of Zinder– Orchestra Of The Sultan Of Zinder 1:10
2 Ensemble Artistic Regional– Quallam Girls’ Dance 3:00
B. Ghana
3 Ghana Dance Ensemble– Voices And Percussion 3:57
C. Mali
4 Ensemble Folkloric National– Xylophone, Percussion And Female Voices 6:55
5 Ensemble Folkloric National– Drums And Rattles 6:37
6 Ensemble Folkloric National– Kono, The Sacred Bird Of The Bambaras (Percussion And Female Voices) 1:48
D. Nigeria
7 Tiv– Tiv Music (Oboe And Percussion) 4:13
8 Bachama– Wurukaduwai 3:17
E. Upper Volta
9 Unknown Artist– Xylophone, Drums, Rattles, Whistle And Voice 6:53
F. Senegal
10 Unknown Artist– Peuls Dance 2:03
G. Liberia
11 Liberian National Culture Troupe– Acrobatic Dance Of The Youths 1:53
12 Liberian National Culture Troupe– From Dance Of The Seasons 1:41

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