Baby Einstein – Baby’s Favorite Places – First Words Around Town (DVD) (SS)


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DESCRIPTION:A playful introduction to words and sign language — my street to main street!
— Exposes babies to words and sign language
— Presents a fun way for parents and little ones to “go exploring”
As babies turn one year old, they continue to develop their communication skills. Meanwhile, with you as their guide, they also begin to explore the world beyond their front door. Baby’s Favorite Places presents them with a playful introduction to 20 words for the names of familiar locations from the market, to the library, to the local park. First, the written word is shown alongside an image of the featured place or object and the word is said aloud. Then, special guest Marlee Matlin demonstrates how to express the word through sign language. Finally, delightful puppet shows and real-world images set to beautiful classical music by Mozart encourage you and your little one to join in the fun. It s a great way to interact with your child on a whole new level while you embark on this adventure of discovery together!
DVD Features
— Repeat play
— Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)
— Discovery cards
— “Twinkle, Twinkle” sing-along (available in English only)
— Toy chest
— Which belongs?
— About Little Einsteins (Available in French and English only). END

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