British Beat Collection – Rare British Broadcasts – The Beat Era 1965-1967 (3 CD Box Set) (Import)


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1-1 The Sorrows– Cara-Lin
1-2 The Sorrows– Take A Heart (With Interview)
1-3 The Sorrows– You Got What I Want
1-4 The Koobas– Take Me For A Little While (With Interview)
1-5 The Koobas– Daddy Rolling Stone
1-6 The Mindbenders– Groovy Kind Of Love (With Interview)
1-7 The Mindbenders– Love Is Good
1-8 The Mindbenders– Don’t Cry No More
1-9 The Mindbenders– Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You (With Interview)
1-10 The Mindbenders– All Night Worker
1-11 The Mindbenders– The Way You Do the Things You Do
1-12 The Mindbenders– Seventh Son
1-13 The Mindbenders– Ashes To Ashes (With Interview)
1-14 The Mindbenders– Ride Your Pony
1-15 The Mindbenders– Cook Jerk
1-16 The Mindbenders– Homework
1-17 The Mindbenders– The Morning After
1-18 Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames*– Circles
1-19 Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames*– Shake
1-20 Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames*– September In The Rain (With Interview)
1-21 St. Louis Union– Things Get Better
1-22 St. Louis Union– East Side Story (With Interview)
1-23 St. Louis Union– Don’t Worry Girl
2-1 The Cherokees (2)– Beg Me
2-2 The Cherokees (2)– I Love You Yeah
2-3 The Cherokees (2)– I Will Never Turn My Back On You (With Interview)
2-4 The Shevelles*– A Little Piece Of Leather
2-5 The Shevelles*– All Night Worker
2-6 The Shevelles*– Yield Not To Temptation (With Interview)
2-7 Hedgehoppers Anonymous– Hard Time
2-8 Hedgehoppers Anonymous– Daytime (With Interview)
2-9 Hedgehoppers Anonymous– Make Love
2-10 The Alan Bown Set– Do The Boomerang
2-11 The Alan Bown Set– Gonna Fix You Good (With Interview)
2-12 The Alan Bown Set– Headline News
2-13 The Soulmates (2)– Bring Your Love Back Home (With Interview)
2-14 The Soulmates (2)– Baby What’cha Want Me To Do
2-15 The Soulmates (2)– When Love Is Gone
2-16 The Steampacket– How Long Will It Last (With Interview)
2-17 The Steampacket– In The Midnight Hour
2-18 The Steampacket– It’s Alright
2-19 The Steampacket– The Drifter (With Interview)
2-20 The Steampacket– I Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (With Interview)
2-21 The Steampacket– Going to A Go-Go
2-22 The Steampacket– Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
2-23 Screaming Lord Sutch– The Cheat (With Interview)
2-24 Screaming Lord Sutch– Good Golly Miss Molly
2-25 Screaming Lord Sutch– Black And Hairy
3-1 The Untamed (2)– Hush Your Mouth
3-2 The Untamed (2)– It’s Not True (With Interview)
3-3 The Untamed (2)– Land Of 1000 Dances
3-4 Tony Jackson Group– Almost There
3-5 Tony Jackson Group– Never Leave Your Baby’s Side
3-6 Tony Jackson Group– You’re My Number One
3-7 The Checkmates (6)– Boom Boom
3-8 The Checkmates (6)– Around (With Interview)
3-9 The Checkmates (6)– Alright
3-10 The Checkmates (6)– Mr. Pitiful (With Interview)
3-11 The Checkmates (6)– All Night Worker
3-12 The Boston Dexters– Mary Anne
3-13 The Boston Dexters– Try Hard (With Interview)
3-14 The Boston Dexters– Baby Please Don’t Go
3-15 Brian Connell & The Round Sound*– You Got What It Takes
3-16 Brian Connell & The Round Sound*– The Same Thing Happened To Me
3-17 Brian Connell & The Round Sound*– Show Me
3-18 Brian Connell & The Round Sound*– Something You Got
3-19 Brian Connell & The Round Sound*– Just My Kind Of Loving (With Interview)
3-20 Alan Price Set*– The Walk
3-21 Alan Price Set*– I Put A Spell On You (With Interview)
3-22 Alan Price Set*– Baby Work Out
3-23 Alan Price Set*– Shake
3-24 Alan Price Set*– Hi-Lili Hi-Lo (With Interview)
3-25 Alan Price Set*– When A Man Loves A Woman
3-26 Alan Price Set*– Take Me Home

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