Classic Western Round-Up Vol. 2 (The Texans (Randolph Scott), California (Ray Milland), The Cimarron Kid (Audie Murphy), The Man from the Alamo (Glenn Ford) (2 DVDs)


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See how the West was really won in the action-packed Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 2! Experience all of the shootouts, fights and escapades with The Texans, California, Cimarron Kid and The Man From the Alamo. Starring Hollywood favorites Glenn Ford, Randolph Scott, Audie Murphy and Ray Milland, this adventure-filled collection features some of the most thrilling films ever to come out of the Wild West! The Texans (1938): A former Confederate soldier (Randolph Scott) takes on new battles after the Civil War when he agrees to lead a herd of cattle to a recently completed railroad. California (1946): An Army deserter (Ray Milland) and a woman with a past (Barbara Stanwyck) head to the sunshine state – before it even was a state – during the 1848 mass migration. Cimarron Kid (1952): When corrupt railroad officials wrongly accuse him of participating in a train robbery, Bill Doolin (Audie Murphy) joins the Dalton gang and soon becomes the legendary outlaw know as the “Cimarron Kid.” The Man From the Alamo (1953): During the Texas war for independence, a survivor (Glenn Ford) of the brutal battle at The Alamo is branded a coward and sets out to clear his name.

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