Foo Fighters – One By One (CD and DVD)


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CD1 All My Life 4:23
CD2 Low 4:28
CD3 Have It All 4:57
CD4 Times Like These 4:26
CD5 Disenchanted Lullaby 4:33
CD6 Tired Of You 5:11
CD7 Halo 5:06
CD8 Lonely As You 4:37
CD9 Overdrive 4:30
CD10 Burn Away 4:58
CD11 Come Back 7:51
DVD1a All My Life (Video With 5.1 Audio Mix)
DVD1b All My Life (Video With Stereo Mix)
DVD1c All My Life (Audio Only 5.1 Mix)
DVD1d All My Life (Audio Only Stereo)
DVD2a Walking A Line (Video With 5.1 Audio Mix)
DVD2b Walking A Line (Video With Stereo Mix)
DVD2c Walking A Line (Audio only 5.1 Mix)
DVD2d Walking A Line (Audio Only Stereo)
DVD3a The One (Audio Only 5.1 Mix)
DVD3b The One (Audio Only Stereo)
DVD4a Extra Footage
DVD4b Extra Footage
DVD4c Extra Footage
DVD4d Extra Footage

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