Jimmy Buffett – Buried Treasure Volume 1 (CD, DVD, 40-Page Collector’s Book) SS


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CD-1 The Mobile Days 9:37
CD-2 Don’t Bring Me Candy 2:27
CD-3 Lightfoot 2:10
CD-4 The Circle Is Small 3:25
CD-5 Clunker Chord 2:44
CD-6 Abandoned On Tuesday 2:47
CD-7 Technology 2:46
CD-8 I Can’t Be Your Hero Today 3:14
CD-9 Blame It On New Orleans 3:07
CD-10 Rickety Lane 2:17
CD-11 Sgt. Pepper In The Gumbo Pot, Intro With Rick Bennett 5:17
CD-12 The Wino Has Something To Say 2:20
CD13 Where The Wind Takes You 3:52
CD14 California Dreamin’ 2:31
CD-15 Nashville, Here We Come 2:31
CD-16 The Gypsy 2:11
CD-17 Hopelessly Gone 0:39
CD-18 Hopelessly Gone 2:22
CD-19 Simple Pleasures 2:11
CD-20 Simple Pleasures 4:02
CD-21 Close The World At Five 1:50
CD-22 Close The World At Five 2:38
CD-23 Untitled 0:57
DVD-1 Buried Treasure – Mobile To Nashville Documentary

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