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The action is on! Michael Jordan explodes on screen in this box office hit – “the most exciting live-action IMAX movie ever” (New York Post). Follow Michael Jordan’s last basketball season as he leads the Chicago Bulls to their sixth NBA championship. Michael Jordan to the Max provides a rare glimpse of Michael Jordan on and off the court. Featuring electrifying on court action and candid interviews with Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, Doug Collins and Bob Costas. Get ready to experience some of the greatest moments in modern sports history from one of the most dominant sport legends of all time.
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In a 21-minute feature, the filmmakers (but not Jordan himself) discuss various aspects of Michael Jordan to the Max, particularly how Matrix-style technology was used to film one of Jordan’s signature moves–a dunk launched from the free-throw line. The computer graphics are displayed more closely in a 2-minute segment “Michael Jordan Bullet Time Slam Dunk.”

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