Nanci Griffith – From a Distance – The Very Best of Nanci Griffith


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Lone Star State Of Mind 3:58
Cold Hearts / Closed Minds 2:42
From A Distance 4:12
Ford Econoline 2:13
Trouble In The Fields 3:20
There’s A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret) 4:23
Looking For The Time (Workin’ Girl) (Live) 2:56
I Don’t Want To Talk About Love 4:07
Drive-In Movies And Dashboard Lights 3:13
It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go 4:02
If Wishes Were Changes 3:46
Once In A Very Blue Moon (Live) 2:26
Anyone Can Be Somebody’s Fool 2:40
I Knew Love 3:18
Gulf Coast Highway 3:06
I Wish It Would Rain 2:39
Outbound Plane 2:39
Love At The Five And Dime (Live) 7:22
It’s Just Another Morning Here 4:24
Late Night Grande Hotel 3:35
Hometown Streets 4:11
The Wing And The Wheel (Live) 3:21

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