Shelby Lynne ‎– Revelation Road (2 CDs and 2 DVDs)


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Live At McCabe’s
2CD-1 Revelation Road 4:06
2CD-2 Lead Me Love 4:37
2CD-3 I’ll Hold Your Hand 3:51
2CD-4 I Don’t Need A Reason To Cry 3:37
2CD-5 Even Angels 2:50
2CD-6 Woebegone 3:05
2CD-7 The Thief 2:18
2CD-8 Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road 4:18
2CD-9 Jesus On A Greyhound 4:37
2CD-10 Leavin’ 4:18
2CD-11 Old Dog 4:17
2CD-12 Johnny Met June 3:23
2CD-13 10 Rocks 3:17
2CD-14 Life Is Bad 5:00
2CD-15 Tarpoleon Napoleon 3:35
2CD-16 Your Lies 3:15
2CD-17 Where I’m From 4:02
2CD-18 Iced Tea 3:14
Live In London
1DVD-1 Revelation Road
1DVD-2 Lead Me Love
1DVD-3 I’ll Hold Your Head
1DVD-4 I Don’t Need A Reason
1DVD-5 Even Angels
1DVD-6 Lookin’ Up
1DVD-7 I Want To Go Back
1DVD-8 Woebegone
1DVD-9 Thief
1DVD-10 Toss It All Aside
1DVD-11 Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road
1DVD-12 Jesus On A Greyhound
1DVD-13 Leavin’
1DVD-14 Killin’ Kind
1DVD-15 Old Dog
1DVD-16 10 Rocks
1DVD-17 Johnny Met June
1DVD-18 Life Is Bad
1DVD-19 Your Lies
1DVD-20 Where I’m From
1DVD-21 Black Light Blue
1DVD-22 Pretend
1DVD-23 Iced Tea
2DVD The Making Of Revelation Road
Revelation Road – Deluxe Edition
1CD-1 Revelation Road
1CD-2 I’ll Hold Your Head
1CD-3 Even Angels
1CD-4 Lead Me Love
1CD-5 The Thief
1CD-6 Woebegone
1CD-7 I Want To Go Back
1CD-8 I Don’t Need A Reason To Cry
1CD-9 Toss It All Over
1CD-10 Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road
1CD-11 I Won’t Leave You
Bonus Tracks
1CD-12 I’ll Hold Your Head
1CD-13 It Ain’t Your Land Mama
1CD-14 Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road
1CD-15 That’s What It Means
1CD-16 Between The Rows

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