Shostakovich: Song Cycles for Bass Voice Cycles de Melodies Pour Basse


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Four romances to words by Pushkin, op.46 (Rebirth — Sobbing bitterly — Foreboding — Stanzas) — Six romances to verses by English poets, op.62 (To his son (Walter Raleigh) — In the fields by snow and by rain (Robert Burns) — Macpherson before his execution (Robert Burns) — Jenny (Robert Burns) — Sonnet LXVI (William Shakespeare) — The king goes to war (popular rhyme)) — Four monologues to words by Pushkin, op.91 (Fragment — What does my name matter to you? — In the depths of the Siberian mines — Farewell ) — Five romances on texts from the periodical “Krokodil”, op.121 (Manual demonstration — A difficult request — A reasonable attitude — Irinka and the cowherd — Excessive enthusiasm) — Four poems by captain Lebyadkin, op.146 (Captain Lebyadkin’s love — The cockroach — The governesses’ benefit ball — A beacon to humanity.

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