Codes used on this site

Codes Used on Site:

All CDs, DVDs Blurays & Records with the price .99 after it are lightly scratched. All CDs are guaranteed to play.

All CDs, DVDs Blurays & Records with the price .00 after it are in mint shape.

(A) Internal code meaningless to anyone looking at site

(C), (Cut) Cut or hole punch in artwork

(CFAW) Curl in front artwork

(H) Tiny hole in artwork

(L) Line across UPC

(NAW) No Artwork

(NBC) No barcode

NRA No Rear Artwork

(NTL) No Track Listing


OOP Out of Print

OAR Original Aspect Ratio

(PSC) Price Sticker on front cover

RC Record Club

(S) Stamp or sticker on cover

SSC Sealed, Cut in case or artwork or both

SSH Sealed, Hole in case or artwork or both.

SS Still sealed

SOAW Sticker on Artwork

T How many tracks on EP

V with a number after it is how many version of the song

VS Very Scratched

About Site:

Compact Discount is site that sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and Sometimes Vinyl.

All carts hold for 90 minutes.

We accept credit cards: Visa, Master Card American Express & Discover, Paypal and Money Orders.

Privacy Policy:

We collect during checkout your name and address to mail you the package of your order and  a e-mail address to send you a conformation e-mail of your order and to let you know when your order is shipped. We do not give away or sell any info you give to us.