Nebraska – Music From The Motion Picture by Mark Orton (L)


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–Mark Orton Their Pie
–Tin Hat* New West
–Mark Orton Herbert’s Story
–Mark Orton Gossip / Brownie’s Pie
–Mark Orton To The Levee
–Mark Orton Magna Carta (Bernie Bowen Version)
–Tin Hat Trio Bill
–Rob Burger Diminished Capacity
–Mark Orton The Old Compressor / Escape
–Mark Orton The Ambush
–Mark Orton Seaone *
–Tin Hat Trio Night Of The Skeptic
–Mark Orton Guitar Twenty Eight *
–Mark Orton Immigration
–Mark Orton Magna Carta
–Mark Orton The Old House
–Mark Orton Their Pie (Hawthorne Version)

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