Peter Il’yich Tchaikovsky – Life and Works (4 CDs) – Jeremy Siepmann


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Disc: 1
1 Tchaikovsky in Early Childhood
2 Music: Glinka: Overature to a Life for the Tsar
3 Enforced Separation from His Mother
4 Music: Tchaikovsky: Dumka, Op. 59
5 Death of His Mother
6 Music: Reverie Du Soir
7 Early Manhood: The Spendthrift Civil Servant
8 Music: Minuet from Mozartina
9 Dismissive Opinions of Other Composers
10 Music: The Storm
11 Journey to a Breakdown
12 Music: First Symphony
13 Abortive Engagement
14 The Advent of Balakirev
15 Music: Romeo and Juliet
16 Travels and a Wounded Friendship
17 Music: First Piano Concerto
Disc: 2
1 Reforming the Ballet
2 Music: The Rose Adagio from the Sleeping Beauty
3 Bizet’s Carmen Has a Major Effect on Tchaikovsky’s Music
4 Music: Francesca Da Rimini
5 A Compositional Paradox
6 Music: Rococo Variations
7 The Struggle of Despair and Hope: He Decides to Marry
8 Music: The Tempest
9 The Advent of Nadezhda Von Meck
10 Music: The Sleeping Beauty Waltz
11 The Disastrous Road to Matrimony
12 Music: Romeo and Juliet
13 Marriage, Trauma, and a Fairy Tale Annuity
14 Letter to Mme Von Meck
15 Music: Romeo and Juliet
Disc: 3
1 Recorvery and Creativity
2 Music: Fourth Symphony
3 The Creation of His Favorite Opera
4 Music: Lensky’s Aria from Eugene Onegin
5 The Return to Compositional Health
6 Music: Violin Concerto in D
7 He Experiences Distressing Relapses
8 Music: Capriccio Italien
9 Psychological Disturbances and a Long Fallow Period
10 Music: Piano Trio in a Minor
11 Sufferings for Mme Von Meck; He Decides to Settle Down
12 Music: Manfred Symphony
13 Conducting Tours and Domestic Bliss
14 Music: Fifth Symphony
15 More Conducting Tours, and a Working Holiday in Italy
16 Music: Souvenir de Florence
Disc: 4
1 The Rift with Mme Von Meck
2 Music: Sixth Symphony (Second Movement)
3 His Obsession with ‘Bob’ Davydov; Adventures in America
4 Music: Fifth Symphony
5 Further American Adventures
6 A Trip to Niagara
7 Music: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker)
8 A Darker Episode
9 Music: Voyevode
10 Portrait of a Conductor
11 A Hero’s Return
12 Music: Sixth Symphony
13 The Mystery Surrounding His Death
14 Music: First Piano Concerto

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