Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions may Rhyme:

Last Updated: 5/22/2021

Why should I read this? Give me a reason why.
Because these ‘Terms and Conditions’ may apply.

Compact Discount is a website. We sell used and new CDs.
Some Vinyl when we get it, lots of Blu-rays and DVDs.

All products with prices that end in .99
Are all what I’d call lightly scratched.
Those products that end in .00
Are the mint ones among the batch.

All the products for sale are guaranteed to play.
This guarantee ends at the end of all days.
(Or 30 days, whichever comes first.)

All the carts will hold for just 90 minutes.
After that, I’m sorry, there’ll be nothing in it.

We accept payments. You better believe it, we do.
Via Credit Cards, PayPal, and Money Orders too.

Sometimes a cardboard cover or a note-laden inner sleeve
May not be included with your Blu-ray or DVD.
Digital copies included could be expired or used –
So they may not work on some of the movies you choose.

These are the codes that we use on the site,
Found after the titles, right on the right:

(A) = Internal code meaningless to anyone looking at site

AC  = Advance Cover

(C) (Cut) = Cut or hole punch in artwork

CB = Thin cardboard package most likely will not have any artwork

(H) = Tiny hole in artwork

(L) = Line across UPC

(NAW) = No Artwork

NOB = No Outer Box

NRA = No Rear Artwork

OOP = Out of Print

RC = Record Club Title

(S) = Stamp or sticker on cover

SSC (SS C) = Still Sealed, Cut in case or artwork or both

SSH (SS H) =  Still Sealed, Hole in case or artwork or both.

SSL (SS L) = Still Sealed, Line through UPC.

SS = Still sealed

T = Tracks. How many tracks on a CD Single or EP (6T = 6 tracks)

V = Versions. How many versions of the song on a CD Single (6V = 6 versions)

VS = Very Scratched

WOD = Writing on non-playing side of disc

WTC = Wear to Cover

If an order doesn’t come or a disc you get won’t play
Contact us and we will start to solve it right away.
We’ll try to keep you happy, we’ll try to do it quick.
Our company philosophy is “Do Not Be A Dick”.

Contact by e-mail at this link:


Contact by phone at this link:

https://compactdiscount.com/phoneand location.htm

Here’s the list of countries we can accept orders from:     






Czech Republic




Hong Kong











United States

United Kingdom (UK)

If you live in a country that’s not on this list
That’s no reason for you to be pissed.
You can still place an order, here’s what to do:
Hire a remailer to mail it to you.
I ship to them and then they ship to you
And everyone’s happy, if that’s what you do.

(I’d recommend a remailer, but I’ve never used one.)

Order info collection/ E-mails:

The cart will collect your IP address. (I don’t do anything with this.) Plus, you will have to give us your email address and mailing/shipping address. We will email you when we receive your order and once again when your order is shipped. Your mailing/shipping address will only be used to ship your order to you. WE DO NOT sell, or giveaway, any personal info to other vendors or spammers. The only exception to this would be if it is required by law enforcement officials or by a court order. 

Any problems with the site please contact us right away.                         

Email Us: https://compactdiscount.com/contactus.htm

By phone: On a mobile device only at this link https://compactdiscount.com/phoneand location.htm